Image by Mihály Köles

Not everyone can be a farmer, but everyone can be a Farm Bureau member.

Agricultural Member

Yearly Dues: $275

Any member who expects to receive income during the coming year from actual farming operations, either as an owner, lessor, lessee, or officer, substantial shareholder or full-time employee of such owner, lessor or lessee. Any member who received income from farming in the past five years, or expects to receive income from the farming industry also qualifies to be an agricultural member with voting rights. Agricultural Members receive the weekly “Ag Alert,” California’s number one agricultural trade journal.

Business Member

Yearly Dues: $250

May be either an agricultural or associate member. Businesses are listed in Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau's weekly “SBCFB Connection” newsletter, in our web site’s Business Directory, and are eligible for all other Farm Bureau benefits and services.

Associate Member

Yearly Dues: $72

Open to all individuals and businesses who do not derive income from agriculture. Many join because of savings and discounts on insurance programs (auto, home, business) and for access to other great benefit programs (travel, theme parks, home improvement, pharmacy discounts, etc). Anyone may join as a sustaining member to show their support for agriculture and farming. Another great benefit is an annual subscription to the popular “California Bountiful” magazine.

Collegiate Member

Yearly Dues: $25

Any student between the ages of 16 and 24 may join at this reduced rate, and enjoy online access to the “Ag Alert” news publication, as well as information exclusive to members about scholarships, internships, career opportunities, and information about the Young Farmers and Ranchers program in their local area.