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Honoring the traditions & heritage passed down by family farms

About the Program

Tradition and heritage play a big part in making agriculture such an attractive way of life for so many Californians.

The lifeblood of our existence, the farms and ranches in California, provide food, fuel and fiber for the world.

The history of these farms and ranches is rich, with many stories to tell.

In that spirit, Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau launched this program to honor those family farms that have passed down this heritage for more than a century.

SBCFB will be recognizing families whose farms have been in the same family for 100 years. To qualify for Century Farm recognition, the following criteria must be met:

  • Ownership within the same family for 100 years or more by Dec. 31, with at least 10 acres of the original Santa Barbara County farmland.

  • Present owner must be related to original owner.

  • Application must be submitted to the SBCFB office by deadline date, July 1.

Qualifying applicants will receive a certificate, a decorative farm sign designating “Century Farm” status and will be recognized during our Celebrate Harvest event.

SBCFB will also be recognizing families whose farms have been in the same family for 125 years (Quasquicentennial Farm) or 150 years (Sesquicentennial Farm). Download the below applications to learn more about qualifying as a Quasquicentennial or a Sesquicentennial Farm.

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