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Dedicated to serving farmers in Santa Barbara County

Board of Directors

Sheldon Bosio
President - Terra Bella Ranches

Danny Cavaletto
1st Vice President - Cavaletto Ranches/McMillan Farm Management

Allen Hove
3rd Vice President

Kevin Merrill
Treasurer - Mesa Vineyard Management

Russ Doty
Past President - Ellwood Ranch

Ken Doty
SBCFB Director - Ellwood Ranch

Sunny Brucker
SBCFB Director - AG Rx

Greg Gonzalez
SBCFB Director - Foley Family Farms

Stephen Waldron

SBCFB Director - Plantel Nurseries


Teri Bontrager
Executive Director

Kathleen Merrill
Special Programs Coordinator

Officer & Director Involvement

Farming and Ranching in Santa Barbara County has been long been an important part of our culture and economy.  Since 1921 the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau has been working to preserve agriculture in Santa Barbara County.

Our top priority is to make sure farmers and ranchers keep farming.  Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau is committed to fighting for the rights of farmers and ranchers.

These are the different areas in which your County Farm Bureau is representing you:

American Farm Bureau Delegate

California Farm Bureau Board of Directors

California Farm Bureau Commodity Advisory Committees:





California Farm Bureau Water Committee

Leafy Greens Management Board

Preservation Inc.

San Antonio Groundwater Basin

Santa Barbara County Agricultural Advisory Committee

& AAC Sub-Committees

Agricultural Permit Streamline Ordinance revisions

Buffer Policy Development

Draft Energy and Climate Action Plan 

EHS, Water Well Ordinance 

GAV-PAC - Gaviota Coast Plan Committee

Right to Farm Ordinance

Ordinance 661 Phase II Rezone

Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioners monthly Stakeholders meetings